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3D Holographic Display Technology

Slalom, a global consulting firm focused on strategy, technology, and business transformation announced the opening of Slalom element lab 212, a state of the art innovation hub designed for organizations across all industries to discover breakthroughs through harnessing the power of 5G.

Glass-Media was brought in by Slalom to collaborate on a project that would showcase the brand’s ability to create, adopt, and harness the future of technological innovations. The lab serves as a dedicated playground for clients to test drive the latest technology to challenge assumptions and find answers to forecast for the future.

Leveraging the latest and greatest in 3D holographic display technology from our partner - Hypervsn. We designed, developed, and delivered a bespoke, modular 12 unit (3x4) 3D Holographic display fixture which featured incredibly detailed custom content. The technology provides full motion 3D effects. Just like the majority of the solutions we deploy, the holograms are managed remotely from our cloud-based content management system (CMS) coupled with our autonomous 4G LTE network.

The holographic display was a huge success as it wowed employees and visitors alike with next gen visuals! Following the installation we were invited to showcase a number of emerging display technologies to be added to Slalom’s portfolio of offerings.

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