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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are your solutions cloud-based? How do they connect to the internet?

Our digital signage network is powered by a private, 4G LTE network. Unless required, we avoid the need to piggy back on in-store WiFi which is often spotty and unreliable.

Can you give me an idea on ballpark costs?

Solution pricing is dependent on term, complexity, level of customization, display sizing, scale, and timing. On the low end, we have solutions starting under $5,000, our standard offerings are priced just under $10,000 and at the higher-end, you're looking at much more.

Do you offer creative services?

Yes. Despite the fact that the majority of our client's have internal creative talent and/or an agency of record (sometimes more than one), we often assist with re-purposing branded assets. For clients looking for us to be more involved, we offer creative retainers that are either project-based or month-to-month.

How do I manage, upload and deploy content?

We've designed and developed a proprietary, browser-based content management system that is both intuitive and feature rich. From any desktop or laptop anywhere in the world, you can login, create and push campaigns live within minutes.

What is the average lead time for an activation?

Our standard lead time is 6-weeks from contract execution. Depending on the overall complexity of the activation, in certain cases, we can further expedite things.

How long does a typical installation take?

The initial site survey is completed by a certified Glass-Media technician and usually can be completed in less than 30-minutes. On average, our installations take between 90 and 120-minutes.

Aside from Fortune 1000 retailers, do you work with small and medium-size businesses?

Yes. In our earlier years, we focused exclusivity on serving the small business community. Some of our first customers were dental practices, residential realtors and family-owned restaurants and bars.

How scalable are your digital programs?

We work hand-in-hand with a number of leading deployment partners to survey, install, and maintain our display network. In North America alone, we have access to thousands of technicians who handle routine, day-to-day activities on our behalf.

What happens if we experience an issue with our display?

In addition to 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities, our proprietary software has built-in intelligence to discover, diagnose, and resolve software issues before they surface. We leverage Intel's vPro platform to improve manageability, security, and stability as well.


Product Catalog

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The solution that started it all – the Digital Storefront.


Display accessories that turn heads.


A petite, modular fixture that turns merchandise into a 3D canvas.

Site Survey

What to expect during a site survey.

Client Engagement Process

How we get from idea to activation.

Content Management System

Our browser-based software controls content on all your digital displays.

Form Factor

Our projection systems are low impact with a sleek form factor.

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An overview of work we've done with DSW.

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