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To promote the collaboration between Levi’s and the Netflix series Stranger Things 3, we teamed with Levi’s to install a 10’ digital banner in the shape of the iconic batwing logo. The display, located at the San Francisco flagship store, was approved after a successful pilot test at Levi’s headquarters.


Levi’s was looking to add a high-impact, digital activation in their Flagship store to promote their partner collaborations. Starting with Stranger Things 3, they intended to refresh the space every few months. The display had to be unique, large, and adaptable, but still align with their iconic brand style.


Our biggest obstacle was ensuring the large-format display met our brightness parameters. At 10 feet wide, the setup was notably challenging because it required edge blending – using two projectors to form a single image. We worked through the night to minimize disruption during store hours.


Levi’s has experimented with various forms of digital signage but has been constrained by monitors with standard rectangular shapes and bezels that disrupted messaging. Our team helped break through by proposing uniquely shaped projection-based displays. Ultimately, the Batwing logo won out.

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