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Driving pump-to-store conversion in a whole new way


PepsiCo was looking for new and innovative ways to drive pump-to-store conversion across it’s network of independent convenience stores throughout the country. We were tasked with developing a digital storefront program that was 24/7 operable and both visible and legible at all times of day.

In order to minimize disruptions to store operations, we were challenged to design a solution that could be installed in less than 2-hours from start to finish, powered by an autonomous 4G LTE connection, and could be managed entirely remotely from the cloud to minimize reliance on store personnel.


We utilized a commercial-grade, ultra-high brightness LCD display (2,500 nit) to power the digital storefront program. From a mounting standpoint, we took a modular approach that could support either a floor or ceiling-based installation. From a visual storytelling standpoint, we printed a custom graphic that was placed atop the monitor to transform it into a large, digital Mountain Dew bottle.


PepsiCo hired a reputable advertising effectiveness research company to collect and analyze data in order to measure against a number of previously established qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators (KPIs). The result, brand awareness/exposure was up a whopping 90% and there was a healthy lift in both sell-through and category life. A large number of store owners and managers that participated in the digital storefront pilot program communicated to PepsiCo that they enjoyed the increased visibility and wanted to know if it was possible to promote non-competing products on the display. Today, the program is expanding and we’ve found unique ways to both incentivize and reward store ownership for their continued participation in the program.

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