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How to promote good from the inside?


AT&T wanted to promote corporate sustainability and educate employees about current issues and challenges at their downtown Dallas headquarters. They wanted to transition communication efforts to a dynamic, digital format with the ability to update content instantaneously with the goal of increasing employee awareness and engagement.


AT&T was struggling to meet lofty recycling goals at their Dallas headquarters. Executives didn’t believe the problem was key information wasn’t being communicated clearly, not that employees didn’t care about the issue. Paper posters and other signage was difficult to update and even couldn’t compete with smartphones for employees’ attention.


Over the course of a year, we proposed and installed number of digital solutions in strategic areas of the building. Some were meant to ‘wow!’ visitors and support the brand, like the large-format circles on the glass of the main lobby. Others, like the front-projection suspended banner in the cafeteria, helped point out designated recycling stations.


Today, Glass-Media displays are used to promote all social responsibility campaigns within AT&T corporate headquarters in Dallas, TX. A recent blood drive collaboration with HBO Game of Thrones saw offices that promoted the event with a Glass-Media solution donate 39% more than offices in regions without the solution.

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