Bespoke Visual Solutions

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bespoke visual solutions


State-of-the-art, commercial-grade projectors are transforming customer engagement in the retail environment.

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Projection Technology


The lack of high-quality projection films on the market led us to create our own innovative glass cling technology.

Retail advertising once relied on static posters. It’s time to replace tired old paper with dynamic digital displays for your retail windows.

Our semi-permanent projection films are paper thin and offer unmatched clarity, color uniformity, and ultra-wide viewing angles.

In situations where glass clings aren't suitable, our recessed acrylic displays offer a compelling alternative.

Compelling. Versatile. Cut to any shape.

Displays are recessed and suspended from the ceiling, without disrupting nearby fixtures, mannequins, or merchandise.


We combine premium-quality vinyl with our proprietary projection film to illustrate the full scope of your brand's story.

This is digital storytelling at its finest.

Reach new creative heights by combining traditional window graphics with dynamic, digital canvases.


Upgrade traditional paper banners with our dynamic in-store solution to deliver the right message at the right time.

Catch your customer’s attention at every angle.

Gain the full benefits of dynamic messaging without losing the custom shape and size you love.


Often overlooked, your interior walls offer valuable dynamic real estate for crafting a stunning visual canvas.

Limitless possibilities.

Glass-Media Wallscapes are adaptable and flexible solutions that can be tailored to your store’s unique environment.



We take traditional display technology to a whole new level, leveraging the latest illumination and manufacturing techniques.

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Display Technology

Built for adaptability and multifunctional purposes, single-sided monitors are long-standing classics for retail communications.

High performance. Reliable. Long-lasting.

High-bright LCD displays perform flawlessly in ambient lighting conditions no matter the placement or time of day.

Storefront + In-Store

The sleek and sophisticated dual-sided screen that lets you catch your audience’s attention from multiple viewpoints.

Sleek. Compelling. Impactful.

Designed to expand the reach of your brand’s messaging, you’re guaranteed to make twice the impression.

Storefront + In-Store

Bezel-less tiles, coupled with superior resolution and brightness allows for impeccable clarity and seamless coverage in any retail environment.

Video walls combine multiple high-bright monitors or LED tiles to create large, impactful digital wall experiences.

Creative implementation is just as important as the hardware itself. When your engineers are designers at heart, solutions become art.


Advancements in manufacturing give us access to a wider range of aspect ratios, ensuring our solution is tailored to your unique needs.

Say no to ordinary.
Say yes to unique.

Our network of hardware partners enables our clients to stay ahead of the curve with the latest display technology.

Storefront + In-Store

Layerable Overlays

Layerable Overlays are a versatile solution that easily elevates any monitor into a customized creative experience.

Customized to fit your brand.

Layerable Shelving

Layerable Shelves are fully customizable, presenting products with the glow of engaging video content from behind.

Storefront + In-Store

Freestanding Mount

This sleek and compact mounting unit is easy to move and reposition to keep your advertising in the perfect place no matter the set up.

Suspension Cables

Our suspension cable mounting solutions are minimalistic and chic, creating an effortless, mid-air digital display.

Ceiling Pole

Retail floor space is valuable. Mount your LCD Monitor from the ceiling, out of the way of your merchandise.

Storefront + In-Store

Rapid, repeatable, customization


Our experiential retail division is pushing the envelope for how consumers interact with products and merchandise.

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Experiential Technology

The petite, tastefully designed fixture transforms physical products and merchandise into experiential works of art.

With tabletop and standalone versions, your brand can leverage advanced projection mapping techniques anywhere in the store.

Spotlight empower brands and retailers alike to engage consumers in a whole new way by projecting on nearly any object.


A four-ray rotor, embedded with LED strands spinning up to 900 RPM creates a stunning 3D holographic effect.

Disruptive, immersive and truly unique.

Combine multiple rotors to create large-scale experiences anywhere in the retail environment.

Storefront + In-Store

Our dynamic point-of-sale solutions are designed for endcap, on-shelf and in-aisle applications.

The future of

With a variety of sizes, shapes, and engagement triggers, the possibilities are endless.

Storefront + In-Store

Through the latest techniques in projection mapping, we're able to transform mannequins into dynamic works of art.

A familiar shape, in a new light.

Any product or piece of merchandise can be digitally mapped and brought to life through projection mapping.

Storefront + In-Store

Frictionless Engagement

Leveraging the latest trends in touchless activation and gamification, we help brands deliver unique, memorable experiences that build an emotional connection with customers.

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Frictionless Engagement

Your customers are busy. Achieve frictionless engagement with QR codes, SMS short codes and other mobile prompts.

Engagement and interaction are crucial for conversion. Our digital solutions ensure limitless touchpoints with passerby.

Using mobile mirroring, we give customers control of the display from their smartphone. A unique digital experience, personalized.

With simple hand or body gestures, our motion-based triggers let your customers drive the experience with their movement.

Full control, with the wave of a hand.

From the experiential to gamification, apply gesture triggers to bring almost any surface to life.

Through advancements in voice recognition, digital signage content can now be controlled entirely by voice.

Using strategically placed external microphones or their smart phones, customers can change media and control the narrative.

We hear you loud and clear.

Touch can be the key to creating a memorable experience. Make a lasting connection through our array of physical triggers.

Pressure sensitive flooring puts customers in step with your vision. Amaze and inspire with larger than life interactive experiences.

Empower guests with the information they need right when they want it with our interactive self service solutions.

Using proximity-based triggers and geofencing, our digital solutions recognize when a customer is near and activates engaging content.

Easy to activate. Impossible to ignore.

Motion triggers can also be action-based. Imagine a customer opening a fridge door and activating a personalized message.

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