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Retail pop-up experience meets larger-than-life show


Designer Brands Inc. was looking to deploy a truly unique and exciting retail pop-experience across select stores on behalf of several brand partners. We were fortunate to have gotten involved upstream in the early stages of the project where we had adequate influence over the layout, technology, and creative direction to make the experience a success. The client wanted to create an instagrammable experience that was on-brand, took up a relatively small footprint, and used dynamic content coupled with bright colors to grab the attention of customers throughout the store.


Inspired by the giant, pink, high heel shoe at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, we worked closely with our partner Fusion (the world’s largest mannequin producer and leading creative design studio) to develop and 3D print a white, larger-than-life (LTL) shoe form. Utilizing advanced techniques in projection mapping, we transformed the shoe form into a vibrant, dynamic, digital work of art. In addition to the shoe form, we deployed a custom monitor with acrylic shelves to highlight top-selling and newly released shoes from brands including Reebok, Adidas, and New Balance. Through a technique known as pixel mapping, our graphic designers were able to personalize content in and around each piece of merchandise.


The pop-up experience was designed, developed, and delivered on-time and within budget. All parties involved were pleased with the execution of the project, and we continue to collaborate with Designer Brands on a number of digital transformation initiatives.

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