Enhancing Brick-and-Mortar Retail Experiences Through
Tailor-Made Visual Solutions.

We're a group of visual storytellers, engineers, and retail strategists passionate about bringing together movement, technology, and design.

Depth of Knowledge. Breadth of Experience.

Excellence and Innovation in Visual-Digital Storytelling

Our solutions are…

An End-to-End Solution Provider

Our unique approach was developed to help our clients define, setup, manage, and maintain their digital programs with relative ease.


A tried and true process for how client's systems are designed and brought to life.


Comprehensively designed from infrastructure to interface. Offering client's complete control, from anywhere.


Nothing about your brand is off the shelf. The appearance of your visual solution shouldn't be either.


We live in a creative mindset 24/7 and love nothing more than flexing that muscle to amplify our client's voices.


Not an afterthought. With a nationwide network of certified technicians and full coverage warranties, we offer peace of mind to our clients.

Working with Glass-Media has been a delight, the team regularly comes to the table with new and innovative ideas helping us create unique and impactful brand moments that drive incremental sales.
Jennifer Ngo, Director of Retail Store Development, Lovepop
We are very fortunate to have partnered with Glass-Media for our new retail expansion. They’ve provided us with a number of new and innovative solutions to tell our brand and merchandise story.
Melissa Scott, Chief Customer Officer, Clean Origin
Glass-Media reimagines visual merchandising and optimizes existing space in the store, delivering tangible results by helping retailers attract and engage their customers.

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Let’s Create Something Memorable
Our passion for innovation inspired us to develop a new way of approaching experiential marketing in the offline world. We know you have big ideas, let's transform retail together.

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