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Glass-Media is an innovative digital Point-of-Presence (POP) solution that transforms storefronts for brick-and-mortar brands. Even though most customer decisions are made in the final 50 feet, storefront solutions remain antiquated with paper posters that are static, inefficient and labor intensive. On the flip side, digital signage has failed to be widely adopted for storefronts due to the fact that TVs are invasive, bulky and lack the proper level of brightness to compete with the sun.

Glass-Media’s proprietary, end-to-end solution (E2ES) empowers brands to bridge the gap between the online and physical world and effectively engage street-level passersby in a whole new way. Glass-Media’s digital POP platform is cloud-connected, managed remotely and infused with robust data analytical capabilities. Brands can now change storefront communication remotely, in real-time and across multiple locations to engage customers around promotions, new products, dayparts and special events.

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Why Projection-Based Point-of-Presence?

Projection Systems
  • Captivate customers and drive foot traffic
  • Advertise brand, promotions, specials and sales
  • Reduce material costs, environmental impact and headaches
  • Boost social engagement
  • See measurable ROI
  • Project a modern brand image
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A true end-to-end solutions (E2ES) provider of projection marketing solutions.

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